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Re: Multiarch file overlap summary and proposal

* David Kalnischkies [2012-02-17 17:20 +0100]:
> Why would it be intuitive to add a specific value for the arch attribute with
> apt-get install foo   # arch |= native
> but remove all values of the attribute with
> apt-get remove foo    # arch &= ~all-architectures
> ?

We had a similar discussion years ago.

Package: foo
Depends: a, b, c
Conflicts: x, y, z

To be able to install foo, you need to:

  * ensure that "a && b && c" is true.
    The command to do so is apt-get install a b c

  * ensure that "x || y || z" is false.
    The command to do so is (or rather "should in my opinion be")
    apt-get remove x y z

To satisfy the dependency line, *all* packages in it need to be installed.

To "satisfy" a conflicts field (that is, there is a conflict), *any* of
the packages in it needs to be installed.


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