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Re: [DEP9] call for testing of reconf-inetd (update-inetd replacement)

Serafeim Zanikolas <sez@debian.org> writes:

> hi Goswin,
> On Wed, Feb 15, 2012 at 02:27:48PM +0100, Goswin von Brederlow wrote [edited]:
>> One thing though: Can I add my own local fragments? Is there a fragment
>> dir in /etc for that?
> you can, and they should also go to /usr/share/reconf-inetd (as long as the
> filenames don't conflict with any other packages' fragments [0])
> reconf-inetd doesn't care about the origin of fragments in
> /usr/share/reconf-inetd. of course, if you copy a fragment there manually, the
> dpkg trigger will not be activated, so you'll have to run reconf-inetd by hand
> btw I've in the meantime uploaded a new revision to unstable.
> also, FWIW my FOSDEM DEP9-related talk is now online [1]
> cheers,
> sez

Putting local config into /usr/share is wrong though.

Another question: How do I disable a fragment? In udev I can create a
rule file with the same name as one in /lib/udev to disable it. [If it
was covered I'm sorry, Fosdem talks aren't downloaded yet.]


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