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Re: [DEP9] call for testing of reconf-inetd (update-inetd replacement)

Serafeim Zanikolas writes ("[DEP9] call for testing of reconf-inetd (update-inetd replacement)"):
> To test it, in a nutshell:
>     - make your package install xinetd.conf(5) fragment files in
>       /usr/share/reconf-inetd/, one file per service that needs an entry in
>       inetd.conf
>     - run reconf-inetd as root
>     - check whether an entry has been added in /etc/inetd.conf.

Thanks.  update-inetd has needed a revamp for quite a while.  I'll
hopefully have a chance to look at this properly at some point, but in
the meantime:

Are you sure putting the fragments in /usr/share is the best 
approach ?  It seems to me that it might be better to put them in
/etc/, where the sysadmin can edit them if they want to change the
behaviour but still get the benefit of the automatic addition/removal.


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