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Re: [PHP-DEV] Suhosin patch disabled by default in Debian php5 builds

On 02/02/12 14:43, Carlos Alberto Lopez Perez wrote:
> On 02/02/12 14:31, Stefan Esser wrote:
>> considering the fact that you write this email the very same day that a remote code execution vulnerability in PHP is found that is easy to exploit from remote and is greatly mitigated by the use of Suhosin you look pretty stupid. (In case of usage of Suhosin-Extension in default config, it is even completely killed).
>> Just saying.
> I think that you words are out of tone, there is not need to be unpolite
> And where is such exploit??? I don't see any CVE

Answering myself:

-------- Original Message --------
From: Tomas Hoger <thoger@redhat.com>
To: OSS Security <oss-security@lists.openwall.com>
Cc: security@php.net, Stefan Esser <stefan.esser@sektioneins.de>
Subject: [oss-security] PHP remote code execution introduced via HashDoS fix


Internets are buzzing with info on the PHP flaw found by Stefan Esser
in the fix for CVE-2011-4885.


This got CVE-2012-0830 assigned earlier today.  This is sent to make
the assignment public and avoid possible duplicate assignment.

Tomas Hoger / Red Hat Security Response Team

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