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Re: Breaking programs because a not yet implemented solution exists in theory

Hi Russ,

On Thu, Feb 02, 2012 at 12:58:03PM -0800, Russ Allbery wrote:
> Michael Biebl <biebl@debian.org> writes:
> > Show us where mime-support is a required part in policy and then we can
> > talk again.
> Policy 9.7 currently says that it's a bug to not support mime-support:

Many thanks for always bringing discussions to some reasonable state by
sticking to pure facts.

> Anyway, I think this discussion is painful and not likely to change
> anyone's mind, whereas the necessary glue between desktop files and
> mime-support looks like a couple of days of work.  I'm currently playing
> with the idea of writing a spec and posting it to Planet Debian asking
> someone with the skill and some free time to implement it.
It might make sense to mention #658139 in this spec which is now
assigned to general.  When becoming suspicious about mime types
I noticed the following:

$ see test.ogg 
Error: no "view" mailcap rules found for type "audio/ogg"

$ see test.mp3
  -> brings up alsaplayer

So even some ogg capable players and probably other programs might
profit here.  I just detected this by chance and thus would like to
mention that it might be needed to do some more general research.  I
admit that I could perfectly live without a `see *.ogg` which is way
below my interest in getting proper settings for *.pdf - just mentioning
that in fact the problem is more general.

Kind regards

      Andreas (who regrets to waste time of his fellow developers
               by not resisting a provocation sometimes)


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