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Re: Linux 3.2 in wheezy

On 02.02.2012 02:21 Russell Coker wrote:
> Are there many users who need root containment but who won't have the 
> resources to run Xen or KVM when the support for Squeeze ends?

I am convinced there are several hosting providers and NGOs who use
linux-vservers for (amongst other) the purpose of root containment and
lack the coins to run the systems they have in a para-virtualization or
full virtualization configuration, and while some of them may get ahold
of newer hardware in the meantime this will not change the overall
situation for them (they will still need cheap computing power) but just
allows them to grow a little.

It's not primarily (but also) organizations in the richer countries on
this planet which I have in mind. Cheap computational resources are
necessary for grassroots organizations to flourish and I think that some
if not many of these cannot afford to replace their root containment
setups by para-virtualization, not now and not in three years.

Obviously, the "it will only get done if someone does it" argument is
(always) valid, too.


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