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Re: [Pkg-x2go-devel] Bug#655618: ITP: nx-libs -- NX protocol libraries and binaries

Le jeudi 12 janvier 2012 à 20:22 -0500, John A. Sullivan III a écrit : 
> I am very concerned about the old X code, too and we are actively
> watching SPICE.  SPICE has extraordinary potential but it is still
> slower than NX on WAN links - not much but enough to make a user
> noticeable difference.

I am surprised NX is even considered for WAN usage. Our in-house tests
showed that NX has a noticeable usability impact as soon as the latency
reaches 10ms, while the figure goes up to 30ms for VNC - which is
currently the only serious solution for WAN links.

 .''`.      Josselin Mouette
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