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Re: Bug#655618: ITP: nx-libs -- NX protocol libraries and binaries


On Friday 13 January 2012, Mike Gabriel wrote:
> Package: wnpp
> Version: N/A; reported 2012-01-06
> Severity: wishlist
> * Package name : nx-libs
>    Version :
>    Upstream Author : Mike Gabriel, Oleksandr Shneyder, Reinhard Tartler
> * URL : wiki.x2go.org
> * License : GPLv2
>    Description : NX protocol libraries and binaries
>    NX (redist) aka nx-libgs.git on: http://git.x2go.org
>    http://code.x2go.org/gitweb?p=nx-libs.git;a=summary
>    - full code base -> master branch
>    - lite/client-only code base -> client-only branch

This appears to still contain a full (according to its size and a short
look at your packaging git), forked monolithic X.org 6.9 source tree. 
Most likely with little to no bug-/ security fixes since 2005 - or am 
I missing anything vital in that packaging git? Likewise the current
debian/copyright appears to lack all copyright notices of the original
XFree86/ X.org code, which makes up, by far, most of the source.

What are the plans for its future maintenance, given that NoMachine NX4
appears to switch to a closed source development model and is likely to
abandon the NX 3.5 code base rather soon? In a similar fashion FreeNX 
appears to be dead upstream since November 2008 (and already was dead 
way before that).

Wouldn't it make more sense to concentrate on filling the gaps to 
re-use something like Red Hat's SPICE protocol for remote desktop uses?

	Stefan Lippers-Hollmann

Disclaimer:	I've had my bite with trying to package early NX 1.x, 
			NX 2.x versions intended for Debian, but the sheer 
			amount of forked upstream code (in particular nx-x11) 
			and, back then, nxssh, samba, rdesktop, esound made 
			those attempts appear to be an endeavour in futility. 
			However I didn't actually follow development in this 
			arena since the early NX 3 era.

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