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Re: Bug#655618: ITP: nx-libs -- NX protocol libraries and binaries

On Fri, Jan 13, 2012 at 11:50:37AM +0000, Philip Hands wrote:
> Yes, having talked to the lead developer on NX _years_ ago (2003 IIRC),
> he spent quite some time trying to persuade the X folks that he had ways
> of getting rid of (largely pointless) round-trips and the like.  He said
> that having his contributions consistently rejected drove him to
> distraction.
> Of course, he is (or was at the time) a fairly volatile Italian, so
> perhaps there was simply a clash of cultures, but he claimed that he
> setup NX out of exasperation, rather than because he wanted to keep it
> seperate from X.
> Then again, this was before xorg, so perhaps integration into X is now a
> possibility, but I have a feeling that that ship sailed long ago.

Thanks for the explanation.  What about building a new ship (= try
again with xorg).  Not that I personally would do this which makes my
remark pretty useless.  Just for the sake of interest.

Kind regards



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