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Re: Removing web server dependencies from web apps

On Fri, 2012-01-06 at 23:49, Daniel Baumann wrote:
> On 01/06/2012 02:46 PM, Milan P. Stanic wrote:
> > live with the idea that Debian must be usable for everyone in the
> > world (which is impossible, IMHO) but that's the life.
> at least debian is equally bad for everyone/everything, having almost no
> worst cases by itself, already is quite a good thing, isn't it? ;)

No. Debian is the best distribution for me in last fifteen years.
But, I think the trend toward unexperienced users is not where Debian
should go because there are already some distributions positioned well.

Ubuntu, which was intended for desktop already have server variant and I
can't see a reason why Debian couldn't have something like that, i.e.
variant for unexperienced users and another one for servers.

There is Debian-Edu (and some other specific variants) already.

I know that that requires more volunteers and time but I can dream about
it ;-)

Kind regards,  Milan
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