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GPG key issue


I have become DD in last days, in all my NM process, and in all my debian
work I used only my first and last name, my doubt is related to my second
name. I use it only on official/buroccratic documents.

Now I've created a new 4096 GPG key, I've specified also my second name (I
tought that is more correct), my doubt regards this. Maybe it's a problem
asking for a replacement of my old key? It's better if I recreate a key
without my second name?

thanks very much for any advice.


 .''`. Francesco Namuri <francesco@namuri.it>
: :' : http://namuri.it/
`. `'  key ID = 3B30EB44
  `-    fingerprint = 20FC 1C89 F7B8 F724 08FD B4B1 8E27 6437 3B30 EB44

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