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Re: [Long] UEFI support

Tanguy Ortolo <tanguy+debian@ortolo.eu> writes:
> Paul Wise, 2012-01-09 00:44+0100:
>> Sounds like he was asking you to name these new 32-bit only x86
>> systems that are still being produced and sold.
> That is right. In fact, I do not doubt there are some 32 bits only
> processors sold today, but I am not sure that they are using an UEFI. 

There are.  STFW

> It is very possible, but it may not be a very common case.

Neither is UEFI on 64bit systems.  Yet.  So let's just ignore it then.
No?  Well, then I don't see how the "common case" argument is relevant
for 32bit systems either.


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