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Re: Removing web server dependencies from web apps

On 01/06/2012 11:06 AM, Thomas Goirand wrote:
> That's what I don't get! I think using a remote MySQL is as uncommon as
> a chrooted CGI environment. [...] we should apply the same reasoning to the MySQL
> server. There's no logic at all here.

i beg to differ.

web applications that use mysql (or most dbs for that matter) can access
that db on localhost or on another host with a mechanism from *within*
their own system, e.g. with networking. therefore, mysql is often not a
depends but a recommends of a web application, and that's correct.

web applications need an httpd to get served to their audience, it is
not possible for them to use mechanisms from within the system to make
use of an http installed on another system to serve themselfs (it very
well works the other way round, though, httpd serving a web application
located on another system, but that's not what you were writing about).

in your usecase with sbox, you're using a mechanism from *outside* the
system to bring the web application together with the httpd (by
"aufs-mounting" in the httpd binaries et al).

while it's totally legitimate to challenge existing habits and
traditions to improve debian and make it ready for new and future use
cases, i think the current reality is that such uses cases where a
package gets brought together with it's dependencies not through system
immanent mechanisms but mechanisms outside of it, are a) atypical
minority stuff and b) not worth vast changes for the whole distribution
that would make it significantly inconvenient for everyone else, rather
than to just use edge-case solutions for edge-cases (equivs). that looks
pretty much logical to me.

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