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Re: Switching apt-spy to native package, looking for suggestions

]] Thomas Goirand 

> Let's say you're doing an Ubuntu package. In this case, you'd be
> using upstart, and not an insserv scripts, and you wouldn't need to
> depend on lsb-base for example. Or logrotate restarting of daemons
> in Ubuntu would use "restart" in Ubuntu, when we use "invoke-rc.d".
> Then if the package is a native one, you wont be able to keep the
> orig.tar.gz. Then it doesn't make it obvious that only the packaging
> changed, you wont know until doing a diff -u -N -r in the unpacked
> tarball.

debian/rules is a makefile, so you could just have logic handling both
the Debian and the Ubuntu cases there easily enough.

Tollef Fog Heen
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