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Re: Conffiles (was: from / to /usr/: a summary)

* Tanguy Ortolo <tanguy+debian@ortolo.eu> schrieb:

> I think having the default configuration values written in a default
> configuration file under /usr is better than having them harcoded, since
> it makes it really easier to determine what these defaults are. But not
> shipping the user configuration file, I do not know, that seems ugly
> somehow. At least the possibility to write a configuration file should
> be documented, ideally with a manpage.

I have a general objection against putting (default) configs
outside /etc at all. The main problem is, on updates, defaults
might silently change, without operators used to look at /etc
and comparing current config with new defaults.

Not sure how Debian handles this, but Gentoo's etc-update
mechanism has shown to be very handy.

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