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OMG !!  No wonder and sorry !!

Yes I clicked "reply" only pop open the window ... not realizing anyone uses [X]-UID checking anymore (ms mailers used to ignore it, ISPs here demanded to serve all mail w/ms servers, ...)

I was "mis-instructed" by another and didn't see that in the manual either. So I'm embarrassed to learn it was posting to a channel I had NO WISH to be in.

sorry to all please forgive,

and Thanks Bob very much, and have fun !


Bob Proulx wrote:



highly optional read :)

whoever said an internet full of "grub2 doesnt' work" messages isn't important enough for developers is out of line. adding features (read: factorial of new bugs) should take a back seat to "legacy" round trip testing and bug squashing parties.

if you have a multi-arch mainframe or 100 security programs overlapped .. ssshhh. your less important to hand hold - or should be !

I'll hear the shush from users who can't install a first due to "new feature complexes", any day.

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