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what's the deal?

grub2 won't install on an HD (one newer pc yes, 2 others no)

grub-rescue doesn't work without "xorisso" (i don't mkisofs scripts anymore, no CD drive thanks)

I want grub2 on floopy.  where are debian's instructions or FAQ for it please?

I see allot of internet questions online and no one sayign they got it to work. And I can't find the Debian's Install guide but guide has solicitation to "use super grub" or "Grml" (neither of which install grub2 on ANYthing).

I had many glitches installing squeeze from CD image and net-install too (i can't begin to start so many) debootstraps worked excellent until I got to "grub2". The Install guide is wrong: it's for grub 1.x, you dont' edit menu.lst using grub2

Debian's grub2 scripts have given me so many headaches so far: again i won't even start to say.

A while ago compiled grub2 and got it on disk a long time ago, just ./configure and dd(1), which was easy. But I don't think I ever got the moduel dependancy resolver on floppy? I can't remember. I'm hoping I don't have to do that. I'm hoping I'm just dumb and can't find the FAQ.

guess I should use old grub - new grub isn't worth upgrading to? I'm pretty sure this is allot a Debian problem. I think all changes from grub legacy (that worked for many) and grub2 (?) is ALL debian upstream changes (there is no grub 2 per say, it's all debian changes, so somewhere debian should say how it works?)

Anyone know where the FAQ is please?  I mean: 'info grub' doesn't work or people wouldn't be asking.

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