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Re: authbind (LD_PRELOAD) and multiarch

Ian Jackson <ijackson@chiark.greenend.org.uk> writes:

> Goswin von Brederlow writes ("Re: authbind (LD_PRELOAD) and multiarch"):
>> Raphael Hertzog <hertzog@debian.org> writes:
>> > What does fakeroot do? My first idea would be to fail early and provide a
>> > useful error message.
>> fake(ch)root sets LD_PRELOAD=lib.so and
>> LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/usr/lib/fakeroot:/usr/lib32/fakeroot:/usr/lib64/fakeroot:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH"
>> or nowadays the same using the multiarch dirs. So the library remains a
>> private library but ld.so is tasked with searching for the one mathing
>> the elf format it is loading.
> This is addressing the question of where to put the library and still
> keep it private.  But TBH I'm not sure that there's actually a good
> reason for the .so not to go in /usr/lib.  That would obviate the need
> for the kind of helper you are suggesting here:
>> The tool would then contain the know-how to figure out which multiarch
>> directories to include in a single point instead of eveyone duplicating
>> that code.
> An alternative would be to have a single subdirectory of /usr/lib, say
> /usr/lib/preload-weird-shit/<triplet>, which was always searched by
> the linker.
> I think the harder problem is how to get the right libraries
> installed.  If you want to run fakeroot you need the library for every
> configured architecture.
> Ian.

This came up before for plugins, e.g. support for inputing japanese or
chinese characters. If the input plugin is installed for one
architecture it should be installed for all architectures (the plugin
using library is installed for). I suggested to have "Depends: foo:*",
an architecture specific dependency with wildcard.

This is something that could use some native english speaker to write a
proposal/specs for with some examples where it is needed. Any takers?


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