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RFC/RFR: dh-exec -- Scripts to help with executable debhelper files


As a result of a recent discussion on this list, I started to prepare a
package[1] that will hopefully make it easier and more straightforward
to use the executable debhelper files introduces in 8.9.12.

For now, it can only substitute environment variables, and stuff
dpkg-architecture(1) knows about (yes, it will work just fine even when
$DEB_HOST_MULTIARCH and similar aren't available in the environment),
but there's possibility to add more helpers, as the need arises, and a
suitable syntax can be agreed upon.

(There's also a rename-capable .install helper in the sources, but
because the syntax used by it is bad to say the least, it's disabled for

Source is available from github[2], the debian dsc was uploaded to
mentors.d.n[1], packages can be built easily.

I'd like to request reviews and comments, so we can iron out any
shortcomings in the syntax and fix any bugs I might have left in, before
it hits the archive, and people start to use it (which I hope they will,
instead of rolling their own scripts).

There are man pages, test cases, and even an example package in the
sources, which should be enough to get one started. I'm also very
interested in suggestions on how to improve the documentation, as I'm
terrible when it comes to writing useful docs.

Also, I'm not entirely happy with the name, either. So if someone has a
better suggestion, please let me know. (No, it won't be named
/usr/bin/${holy cow, what have I done?}, nor /usr/bin/wtfisthis?!)

 [1]: http://mentors.debian.net/package/dh-exec
 [2]: http://github.com/algernon/dh-exec


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