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Re: Managing left-over configuration files


in general, such questions are better suited for debian-mentors@,
but here we go:

On Wed, Dec 14, 2011 at 09:07, Malte Forkel <malte.forkel@berlin.de> wrote:
> Am 14.12.2011 00:00, schrieb Malte Forkel:
>> How do I properly handle the old control files?  How do I tell a package
>> that a specific file does not belong to this package anymore?  I guess
>> the same questions might arise when the set of control files changes
>> with a new package version.
> I'm sorry. What I'm worried about are the "configuration" files owned by
> a transitional package after an upgrade. So please
> %s/control/configuration/g. May be I shouldn't try to ask questions
> after midnight :-)

I think what you mean is best described/covered with the advice to
have a look at the manpage of 'dpkg-maintscript-helper', but i must
confess that the question isn't all that clear to me with the 'sed' either.

Best regards

David Kalnischkies

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