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Re: RFC/RFR: dh-exec -- Scripts to help with executable debhelper files

Gergely Nagy, 2011-12-14 12:04:03 +0100 :

> Hi!
> As a result of a recent discussion on this list, I started to prepare a
> package[1] that will hopefully make it easier and more straightforward
> to use the executable debhelper files introduces in 8.9.12.
> For now, it can only substitute environment variables, and stuff
> dpkg-architecture(1) knows about (yes, it will work just fine even when
> $DEB_HOST_MULTIARCH and similar aren't available in the environment),
> but there's possibility to add more helpers, as the need arises, and a
> suitable syntax can be agreed upon.

  I'm sorry I'm not giving a true review of dh-exec, but I'm wondering
if there could be a way of extending either dh or dh-exec so as to
handle generic substitutions (or other preprocessing) in maintainer
scripts.  There's already some stuff to handle Debconf (with the
#DEBHELPER# magic), but I'm looking for something more generic.  Maybe
dh-exec could be involved?

Roland Mas

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