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Re: The state of geoclue in Debian

Quoting Bernd Zeimetz (bernd@bzed.de):

> It should as it means that it will be a PITA to find patches which were applied
> in Ubuntu and should be applied in Debian, too - or it means that we'll just
> recreate the same patches as they are hidden somewhere in the mess Ubuntu made
> without talking to anybody. Exactly that is the kind of bullshit why a lot of
> Debian people hate what Ubuntu does. Thanks for wasting your and our time
> instead of just talking to the people who maintain a package you want to change.

Hmmm, are we back in 2005-2006?

/me in same mystic mode than Zack. There's nothing I dislike more than
people talking to me about "Debian is this, Debian is that" because of
one specific thing that happened to them with one spacific Debian
feature or contributor. To make it clear, it seems to me that you're
drawing about the same conclusions from the specific example that
happened to you, Bernd.

And, even worse, when someone tries understanding the issue you're
facing, he's apparently put in the same "bad Ubuntu guys" bag, which
is probably kinda discouraging.

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