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The state of geoclue in Debian


as empathy, webkit and emerillon build-depend on geoclue these days, I thought
its time to write something about it on d-devel instead of just orphaning it ;)

We are facing several issues with geoclue:
- upstream is more or less dead.The only commits I see in their git are bugfixes
for major issues.
- Ubuntu splitted the package and applied various changes without getting in
contact with their Debian upstream about it. I'm not willing to try to figure
out what they did and why and if it makes sense. LP also shows various
not-so-nice-sounding bugs (I didn't investigate).
- The gpsd provider is a complte mess, the NM stuff also fails to build with NM
from experimental, even with the suggested patches applied. And I'm not keen on
shipping the latest git master instead of a released version.

So unless somebody steps up to maintain *and* actively develop geoclue, it will
be orphaned soon and I'll file bugs to remove it from the packages which
build-depend on it.



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