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Re: Increasing minimum 'i386' processor

Le 20/11/2011 12:56, Adrian Knoth a écrit :
On behalf of the multimedia camp, I'd like to point out that we'd love
to see SSE as the lowest common denominator on the x86 platform.

I'm fully aware that we can't, not even with i586 being the baseline.
Since many multimedia applications don't do runtime CPU detection, only
amd64 generally provides decent SIMD support to Debian users on x86
these days.

Long story short: userspace i386 compatibility would suck for
multimedia. ;)

Partial multi-arch aware architectures would be the perfect answer here.
(ie a i686 archive with only package/libs that are improved by using
the i686 instruction set)

<rant on>
  When will dpkg multi-arch aware be available in sid ?
<rant off>


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