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Re: Can't get rid of diff-contains-substvars warning

Ole Wolf <wolf@blazingangles.com> writes:

> I have a problem building a package properly. From a clean build, sources-only
> (debuild clean; debuild -S), I get the lintian warning that the
> diff-contains-substvars in one of the packages that are built:
> W: vellemaninstrumentation source: diff-contains-substvars debian/backup/
> vellemaninstrumentation-dkms.substvars

Why do you have a debian/backup/ directory? I'm assuming you aren't
building a binary package called backup and even then there should be no
substvars file in that directory in the first place and the dir should
be removed on clean.

> (There are also som other lintian warnings, but those are okay for now and will
> be fixed later.)
> Prior to debuild, the debian folder contains no substvars, and after building
> the source-only, the file warned about still isn't there. It does get generated
> when I do a binary of full build.
> I can't see from the rules file or the control file why this happens, but
> perhaps someone well versed in debian packaging can spot the reason. In case it
> helps, I've uploaded the full source as a tarball: http://
> debian.blazingangles.net/velleman-0.1-2.tar.gz.


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