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Can't get rid of diff-contains-substvars warning

I have a problem building a package properly. From a clean build, sources-only (debuild clean; debuild -S), I get the lintian warning that the diff-contains-substvars in one of the packages that are built:

W: vellemaninstrumentation source: diff-contains-substvars debian/backup/vellemaninstrumentation-dkms.substvars

(There are also som other lintian warnings, but those are okay for now and will be fixed later.)

Prior to debuild, the debian folder contains no substvars, and after building the source-only, the file warned about still isn't there. It does get generated when I do a binary of full build.

I can't see from the rules file or the control file why this happens, but perhaps someone well versed in debian packaging can spot the reason. In case it helps, I've uploaded the full source as a tarball: http://debian.blazingangles.net/velleman-0.1-2.tar.gz.

Ole Wolf
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