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Re: /tmp as tmpfs and consequence for imaging software

Am Sonntag, 13. November 2011, 10:02:24 schrieb Salvo Tomaselli:
> > I agree with samuel here. Science software know how to use disk baked
> > file. And are better than general software. I will open rcbug to use
> > /var/tmp instead of /tmp in this case. But it is a pitty.
> /var/tmp has a little problem: is not cleared upon reboot.
> In fact one time i couldn't do a graphical login anymore because the
> kde-stuff in /var/tmp had taken the entire available space on the
> partitin.
> Also i was thinking that if we consider the amount of IO that kde does on
> the home of the user, and the amount that does on /var/tmp, and of course
> the many libraries that it needs to load, and so on... In the end the
> activity on /tmp compared to the activity in general is so small that i
> doubt keeping tmp on the ram is going to have any positive impact at all
> on performances.

Why must it be cleared on boot? What happens with this assumption if the user 
does not reboot a very long time but only suspend/resume instead? Does your 
software fail then?

Giving your program an option to specify the temp directory is the only real 
solution. Hardcoding such a thing is a very lazy approach at best.
Additionally, add the feature to the program to clean stale files before the 
next run (or to ask the user if it shall do that). This makes your reboot 
assumption go away.

Your assumptions are bugs the software, not in the system.


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