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Re: Resolve namce conflise with node and nodejs [was Re: Is anyone maintaining (the ham radio tool) node?]

On 11-11-08 at 02:34pm, Patrick Ouellette wrote:
> Where is the voice of the nodejs maintainers in this?

For my own part, I am following the thread, quite happy to hear the 
voice of the (ham) node maintainers, but wondering what is so precious 
about keeping the name of its binary.

Form my understanding it is a daemon, which (again from my limited 
understanding) means normally only sysV scripts should need to know the 
actual name of that binary, not all sorts of locally written scripts.

As has already been pointed out (but not commented on, as far as I have 
noticed) the nodejs binary is an interpreter as thus normally used 
directly in all user scripts in their hash-bang.

 - Jonas

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