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Re: Possible mass bug filling for package depending on "menu".

On Sun, Oct 30, 2011 at 01:14:59PM +0100, Frank lin Piat wrote:
> > On Sun 30/10/11 11:31 , Daniel Baumann  wrote::
> > > On 10/29/2011 08:49 PM, Frank lin Piat wrote:
> >> I intend to submit a mass bug filling to ask packages maintainer to drop or
> >> downgrade their dependency on "menu":
> >
> >[...]
> >
> > packages that need root have to use su-to-root in order to play well on
> > live systems (where you know at runtime if sudo, su, gksu, $whatever has
> > to be used). your package list contains such cases. [..]
> What about moving the su-to-root binary to a different binary package ?
> Bill what's your PoV about spliting it ?

I am not very keen creating a new Debian package for a 3kB script.

I already answered that numerous time. See bugs #535064 and #514882.  Making
Debian-specific changes to .desktop files should be avoided if possible, since
they cannot be merged upstream. So it would be better if xdg-utils would
provide a script xdg-su that could be used by .desktop files and works on all
XDG systems, not just Debian.

The real issue is that nobody is really maintaining the XDG menu system.


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