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Re: Possible mass bug filling for package depending on "menu".

Quoting Bill Allombert (Bill.Allombert@math.u-bordeaux1.fr):

> > What about moving the su-to-root binary to a different binary package ?
> > Bill what's your PoV about spliting it ?
> I am not very keen creating a new Debian package for a 3kB script.

In that case, I think that the above discussion showed that there is a
quite strong rationale for this: don't have packages depending on menu
just because they need su-to-root. And, as Russ mentioned, it is like
3 years than many people are waiting for this to happen. I suspect
that the aggressive NMU button is appealing for many.

From my understanding, trying to have a perfect solution (xdg-su) has
delayed progress on that matter for a really long time....leading to
the exact opposite : enforcing many packages to depend on menu while
several of them probably wouldn't otherwise.

In French, I would call that "vente forcée".

From what I understand, xdg-su will not happen. On the other hand, an
easy fix (a new binary package) can help doing progress here. Isn't it
time to do it?

Sorry for being harsh, but it's maybe time to move on.

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