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Re: Dealing with embedded javascript libraries

W dniu 27.10.2011 00:29, Zygmunt Krynicki pisze:
W dniu 24.10.2011 01:20, Ben Finney pisze:
I would very much like that to change – that programmers should expect a
single instance of a Javascript library to be useable across the OS, and
that a Javascript library without a dependable ABI should be shunned by
most application writers, and for applications to declare the library
versions they expect in a standardised, automated way. But I don't know
what to do to get there.


I'd like to throw a few comments here. I speak both as an web

Another thing to point out is that unlike traditional applications where
linking is explicit and done before actual startup here the linking
happens at another machine, the one of the user of the web application.
The actual library can come from a yet another system. The key issue to
point out here is that this is not really linking the way we think about
it. Here it is not code but data.

Replying to myself, this obviously does not include server-side javascript libraries for things like nodejs. Perhaps we should explicitly differentiate those?

Best regards

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