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Re: zfs-fuse in debian

2011/10/25 Aron Xu <happyaron.xu@gmail.com>:
> Hi Dániel,
> 2011/10/25 József Dániel <daniel.jozsef@gmail.com>:
>> Hello,
>> Quick question. I see you maintain zfs-fuse.
>> 0.7.0 is out since March, but it's not even in Sid. Is there some deep
>> reason to this, or just lack of time?
>> Since zfs-fuse upstream is under extremely heavy development, I have the
>> feeling that any risks created by adopting the latest stable release should
>> be small compared to the known errors it fixes, so I'm planning to build
>> myself a 0.7.0 package by cannibalizing the 0.6.9-1 source pkg in squeeze.
>> Do you think the debian patchfile for 0.6.9-1 will apply cleanly to upstream
>> 0.7.0? Does it do any deeper code fixes?
>> Thanks a lot!
>> Daniel
> zfs-fuse has been orphaned at Oct 16th, and later Asias He expressed
> his interest in adopting the package.[1]
> After a quick look at the two versions of package, the old patch won't
> work for 0.7.0-1, you may want to try the one prepared by Asias He at
> your own risk. Use the following command to get the source and
> debian.tar.gz:
> dget -x http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/z/zfs-fuse/zfs-fuse_0.7.0-1.dsc
> This version of zfs-fuse isn't a part of unstable/experimental, it may
> damage your system and data. OK, you have been warned. I tried to
> build it, and it won't build on i386, but builds fine on amd64. But I
> haven't tried whether it works as expected.

It builds for me on i386 box? What fails when you build?

Asias He

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