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Re: RFC: Making mail-transport-agent Priority: optional

Le samedi 15 octobre 2011 à 09:53 -0700, Steve Langasek a écrit : 
> Hear, hear.  "How do I deliver mail?" is a per-system setting, not a
> per-application setting, 

This is true for many enterprise deployments, but in the general case,
it is a per-user setting, not a per-system setting.

> and the move towards having MUAs talking SMTP
> directly to send mail is a flawed model picked up on the Linux desktop from
> certain other OSes.  The right solution here is to fix the MTAs to be
> configurable from the desktop, and fix the MUAs to use the MTA - *not* to
> get rid of the MTA.

OK, let’s admit we do this despite the added complexity. What is the
benefit in the end?

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