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Proxy compliance and assistance.

ASYMK there are a number of different proxies technologies and it's not impossible to be in a position where there use is mandatory. I've recently looked into a number of bugs against Canonical's Ubuntu: [1]479630 [2]370924

1. https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/479630
2. https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/370924

I'd like to start a movement to verify and assist projects/packages with the proper deployment of software that supports proxies. If this doesn't happen in Debian then there is no hope for Ubuntu.

I'm able to assist application developers in the network level coding needed to make use of a proxy as well as provide some vary flexible example tools that can be employed to this end.

What I need most of all is community support, it's no good to confront developers or package maintainers that are insistent on rebelling against the use of proxies. Obviously this is a debate that could only hurt the users. I'd like to see proxy support being added a release critical issue, likely not for the current release but set as a goal no more then two releases from now.

I'd like to have a single large debate and then, assuming the concept flies, setup a task force and mailing list for users and developers to get assistance.

Members of the task force should be considerate of all different types of proxies. http(caching and non-caching); http-connect(both port filtered and not port filtered); socks(in all it's glorious iterations); plus anything else that falls even remotely into this category. However it's only natural that the group would consist of experts in particular areas.

Even though the advent of IPv6 diminishes the need or deployment of proxies and that they may decrease and even disappear in the not so distant future. I see proxy support instead as a worth while goal that's long overdue.

Thank you.

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