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Re: Proxy compliance and assistance.

On Thu, Sep 22, 2011 at 3:13 AM, Mike Mestnik wrote:

> Members of the task force should be considerate of all different types of
> proxies.  http(caching and non-caching); http-connect(both port filtered and
> not port filtered); socks(in all it's glorious iterations); plus anything
> else that falls even remotely into this category.  However it's only natural
> that the group would consist of experts in particular areas.

I would put tor remotely into that category. As an example of a bug
I've seen recently; `torify liferea` does not seem to work as I would

> Even though the advent of IPv6 diminishes the need or deployment of proxies
> and that they may decrease and even disappear in the not so distant future.

I would not necessarily agree there, restrictive firewalls are going
to be around even in IPv6.

>  I see proxy support instead as a worth while goal

I would agree, though I have little use for it. I'm unlikely to work
on this goal though.



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