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Re: OS for Mobile phones.

On Sun, Aug 28, 2011 at 12:50 PM, Suresh Ramanujam wrote:

> I am looking to make OS for mobile phones on Linux platform. Can Debian be
> of any use?

A Debian derivative (Maemo) has been shipped by Nokia on the N900
phone, the N950 phone (developer only) and will probably be shipped on
the N9 when it is released.

Debian itself runs on the OpenMoko FreeRunner phone with an external kernel.

People have put Debian chroots on various Android devices and even run
Linux with a Debian rootfs on devices like the iPhone.

It would be great if more folks were interested in and working on
getting Debian running on their smartphones, some ideas for how to go
about that are available here:


If anyone has contacts at smartphone manufacturers it might be an
interesting idea to get hardware samples to interested and capable



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