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Re: Spending Debian money for porter boxes [Was: The archive now supports xz compression]

On Mon, Aug 22, 2011 at 10:51:02AM +0200, Alexander Reichle-Schmehl wrote:
> > What is missing is rather a bit of coordination of people that:
> [..]
> > Any taker?
> Well, according to [1] and [2], we have some hardware donations
> coordinators, and at [3] we have a list of needed hardware.
> I'm not involved in that area, but what you describe sounds actually
> pretty much like what they do / could do.  So it would be interesting to
> know, why that approach currently doesn't work, and how that can be
> improved.

I think that I've explained it in the "[..]" you have snipped, actually
:). But let me briefly outline the difference among a "donation contact
point" (which is what we have now, even though the name is slightly
different) and an "hardware coordination team".

The former act as a contact point for external vendors that, without us
reaching out to them, wants to ask Debian "we have that, are you
interested?". According to some feedback I got from people who are
behind that alias, it seems to be pretty useless. The kind of mails it
gets is "I've an hold 486 dx with mouse and keyboard, do you need it?".

The hardware *coordination* team do actual coordination and tracking of
what we need — which tends to be rather specific hardware. Additionally,
the team should reach out to potential donors proactively, and fall back
to prepare buy orders via interaction with the DPL.

Again, I'm a bit outside of my territory here and I lack first-hand
experience. People from -admin and DSA can be more precise and helpful
than me.

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