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Re: Spending Debian money for porter boxes [Was: The archive now supports xz compression]


Am 21.08.2011 18:59, schrieb Stefano Zacchiroli:

[ more powerful hardware needed ]

> What is missing is rather a bit of coordination of people that:
> Any taker?

Well, according to [1] and [2], we have some hardware donations
coordinators, and at [3] we have a list of needed hardware.

I'm not involved in that area, but what you describe sounds actually
pretty much like what they do / could do.  So it would be interesting to
know, why that approach currently doesn't work, and how that can be

 1: http://www.debian.org/intro/organization
 2: http://www.debian.org/donations#equipment_donations
 3: http://www.debian.org/misc/hardware_wanted

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