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Re: support for installing unconfigured systems (VM images, Debian Live images, preinstalled mobile/tablet images)

On Aug 14, Ben Hutchings <ben@decadent.org.uk> wrote:

> > Yes, because the upstream maintainers decided that the current scheme
> > cannot work and will remove support for it.
> > I do not know how long it will be feasible to keep it as a Debian patch.
> It works today for many users.  I don't see why it would stop working
> for them.
This was my objection as well, but it was not well received.

> > > This is implemented in the biosdevname package, which I think we should
> > I never bothered packaging it because AFAIK it is not needed with recent
> > kernels (and recent hardware?).
> The kernel will continue to generate names using the formats eth%d,
> wlan%d etc.  There needs some userland program to generate the new
> device names, whether it's in the udev package or another package.
Yes, with appropriate rules udev should be able to rename the interfaces
without biosdevname.


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