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Re: A few observations about systemd

]] Marc Haber 


| exim4 is one example, and it adds some extra complexity. An exim4
| daemon does two jobs: Running the queue and listening for SMTP.
| Currently, you can configure in /etc/default/exim4 whether you want
| both jobs to be done by the same daemon, two dedicated daemons or only
| one doing one of the jobs. Additionally, there is a special mode for
| ppp-connected systems.
| How would I do this with systemd?

Fernando Lemos's suggestion is one way.

Another would be to ship three systemd units, one being «smtp», one
being «queue runner» a third being «smtp+queue runner» or just generate
the .service file dynamically based on what the admin configures through

systemd units can also both include other files or you can have an
evironment file similar to /etc/default today using EnvironmentFile.

Personally, I'd just ship a useful default configuration and document
how to change it rather than expose all the knobs through debconf, but
that's a matter of opinion and I think you want to expose all of this
through debconf.

| Please don't get me wrong: I like the ideas behind systemd, but I need
| some more input to decide whether it's actually as flexible as an init
| script.

Yeah, your questions are absolutely reasonable and I appreciate them.

Tollef Fog Heen
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