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Re: Multiarch in Debian unstable


Am Dienstag, den 28.06.2011, 15:32 +0100 schrieb Steve Langasek:
> > > No special handling has been proposed for nss modules beyond
> > > that - though this is already a substantial improvement over the status quo,
> > > where about half our nss modules have biarch versions available and the
> > > other half don't.
> > The nss modules without support currently mostly do so because they pull
> > in some other libraries (which usually also opens another can of worms
> > anyway).
> The following NSS modules are not available in a biarch configuration today:
> [..]
> libnss_gw_name.so.2
> libnss_rainbow.so.2
> The only nss modules outside of eglibc that *are* available in biarch today
> are nss_ldap, nss_mdns*, nss_myhostname, and nss_extrausers.

nss_gw_name would be if the depedency libnl had multilibs support.

> > For those modules that have support right now, multiarch will mean every
> > single user has to remember that every time something will pull in a new
> > architecture they also have to install the nss module for that
> > architecture. That is quite a regression to the current status quo.
> libnss-myhostname and libnss-extrausers ship the biarch versions of the
> module in the same package.  libnss_mdns builds a separate lib32nss-mdns
> biarch package, and biarch libnss_ldap is only available in ia32-libs.  So
> this is FUD.

Earlier today I had converted libnss-myhostname to multi-arch, so the
package will only ship one module per package.

I tend to agree with Bernhard that it would be nice if it were made easy
for the user (e.g. a user on amd64 who runs some application in wine and
is surprised that the foo.local addresses stop working). But what can we
do? I don’t see any “easy” solution that would work right away. Maybe
add a new field or new value to the Multi-Arch field indicating that
this package should be installed for each foreign architecture set in
dpkg.conf, if possible? (Does not sound good to me, but maybe its a
discussion starter.)


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