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Re: Whether should grub2 write MBR automatic

On Mi, 22 iun 11, 13:37:35, Daniel Baumann wrote:
> but there should be only one bootloader at the time be allowed to write
> itself automatically (upon updates) to the systems mbr, which is why
> i've talked with colin about that debconf proposing to create a
> bootloader-common package (or whatever) to solve
> a) not re-invent the wheel over and over again (currently, grub has its
> postinst foo, and extlinux does some other postinst foo too), and
> b) to ensure only one bootloader writes to the mbr at the time
> however, got not arround to do it, yet.

The various *dm packages do this quite well in my experience and I don't 
see any -common package.

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