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Re: UDD access from Alioth(s children) (Was: Alioth status update, take 3)

This one time, at band camp, Lucas Nussbaum said:
> On 15/06/11 at 08:36 +0100, Stephen Gran wrote:
> > As a secondary issue, I think it might be useful to let DDs 'scratch
> > their itch' when it comes to QA work in a light weight way.
> > However, I'm not in the QA team, so I can't make decisions about
> > what sort of access the QA team wants to give to other project
> > members.  In general, I am in favor of open access to resources and
> > self-service, but you may not be.
> The QA team is very open to welcoming new members and their
> contributions. However, not everything can be labelled as QA work, and
> not everybody wants to do work inside a team, so I'm relunctant to use
> the QA infrastructure as a placeholder for every script people want to
> run on alioth.

I can't decide if you're deliberately choosing to not understand me, or
if we've just reached that point of a thread where people repeat
themselves, so I'm going to stop after this mail.

> > Also, I don't think it's a good idea in general for the project to
> > rely on anything in someone's $HOME, as we've seen that go wrong far
> > too often.  I would like to encourage people to move services that
> > are useful to an appropriate place.
> Before you can prove that a service is useful, you need to develop it.
> For that, it's convenient to have a place which is similar to the
> final destination of the service, where you can easily hack. Also,
> it's often not desirable to hack on the production version of a
> service.

You seem to be agreeing with me about the usefulness of having a scratch
area on quantz or samosa, and then:

> A good solution could be to serve public_html from wagner instead of
> vasks.

You reach the opposite conclusion.

I'll leave it there.

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