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Re: UDD access from Alioth(s children) (Was: Alioth status update, take 3)

This one time, at band camp, Gerfried Fuchs said:
>         Hi!
> * Stephen Gran <sgran@debian.org> [2011-06-11 16:06:58 CEST]:
> > This one time, at band camp, Andreas Tille said:
> > > I would like to repeat my question about UDD access from alioth (or one
> > > / both of its successors):  Is there anybody working to reenable the UDD
> > > access?
> > 
> > This is now reenabled.  I had hoped to get postgres streaming
> > replication working, but unfortunately udd is running on a 32bit system,
> > while wagner and vasks are 64bit, so it didn't work out.  localhost/5441
> > will get you access to udd over a tunnel for now until we can think of
> > something better/different.
>  Thanks. Some findings about this: Formerly a plain "service=udd" was
> working as convenience. Is it planned to put the pg_service.conf into
> place again? That way the backend connection could be transparently
> switched (though, my guess would be that the tunnel is there for the
> same purpose)

I've restored the pg_service config now.  Sorry, I forgot that that had
been set up in the first place, so it dropped off my todo list.

>  Also, it is working on wagner, but not on vasks. As I understood it
> this is intentional. On the other hand, the public_html sites are hosted
> on vasks, not on wagner, so services that would want to query UDD and
> offer results are out of scope in the new alioth setup.

[ lot more good reasons snipped ]

<alioth admin hat>
I have to say that I'm not very happy about general purpose hosting on
the 'alioth' servers.  While I agree QA work is useful and should be
encouraged rather than discouraged, I don't know if alioth is the place
for development work of this sort.
</alioth admin hat>

<dsa hat>
qa.d.o has a dedicated machine, udd has a dedicated machine, and I'm
sure it would be straight forward enough to set up a playpen on one
or the other of those machines for DDs who want to do QA tasks without
formally joining the QA team (just a gid debian writable subdirectory
of the web root where users could create their own spaces would probably
be sufficient?).   This is just musing off the top of my head - I don't
speak for the QA team or lucas about access to these services - the
machines are open to all DDs, however, so I don't see any compelling
issues to be resolved off hand.
</dsa hat>

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