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Re: UDD access from Alioth(s children) (Was: Alioth status update, take 3)

This one time, at band camp, Lucas Nussbaum said:
> Well, there are a few reasons why this would be suboptimal:
> - both qa.debian.org and udd.debian.org websites are managed using SVN,
>   so it's a bit inconvenient to create a playpen as a subdirectory.

That's a minor technical issue that can be resolved with the equivalent of
svn ignore on a subdirectory.  I can't believe that it's a serious bocker.

> - I have the impression that most of the work that people were doing on
>   alioth cannot be labelled as QA. For example, in the ruby team, we
>   are running a daily cronjob that creates a web page about a
>   transition.
> - qa and udd are not accessible to non-DDs. There are some teams that
>   rely on a large number of non-DDs, and I don't like the idea of
>   limiting the ability to update some script to DDs. (re-using the
>   example of the ruby cronjob above, it was developed by Antonio
>   Terceiro, who is still in NM).

I think maybe we're talking at cross purposes here.  wagner.d.o has
access to UDD, and runs the project web sites (eg, adduser.alioth.d.o).
If teams need to make use of UDD to track status for their projects,
that is a perfectly reasonable and fine use of the alioth service.

I am talking about the larger, project-wide work Rhonda and others do that
doesn't fit under the umbrella of work done on a particular code base.
This work, while good and useful work, is not really what alioth is
intended for.  This is what I'm talking about shifting.

As a secondary issue, I think it might be useful to let DDs 'scratch
their itch' when it comes to QA work in a light weight way.   However,
I'm not in the QA team, so I can't make decisions about what sort of
access the QA team wants to give to other project members.  In general,
I am in favor of open access to resources and self-service, but you may
not be.

Also, I don't think it's a good idea in general for the project to
rely on anything in someone's $HOME, as we've seen that go wrong far
too often.  I would like to encourage people to move services that are
useful to an appropriate place.

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