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Re: Uploading to multiple distros

On Jun 02, 2011, at 10:28 AM, Peter Samuelson wrote:

>Since syncs from Debian are actually supposed to be the majority of
>packages in Ubuntu anyway, why not just do that - a real sync, not a
>fake simultaneous one.  I don't live in the Ubuntu dev universe, but
>given how common of an operation this apparently is, I'd think the
>tool(s) to do it would be mature and easy to use.  Sure, you have to
>wait a few minutes until you get your ACCEPTED mail from dak, but what
>of it?  The mail is your reminder to finish the job.

How can we help Ubuntu developers do the right thing?  Are there tools,
processes, or documentation that we can develop that would make it easy(er)
for someone who works on an Ubuntu machine, is well versed in Ubuntu culture
(processes, tools, etc), to integrate with Debian?


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