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Re: Suspend/Hibernate Resume in debian

On Fri, May 20, 2011 at 02:44:42PM +0700, Arief M Utama wrote:
> But, even so, I have done some test with  "echo 'mem' >  
> /sys/power/state" and "echo 'disk' > /sys/power/state" few times before,  
> and it shows same behaviour with desktop initiated suspend and  
> hibernate, "mem" suspend failed at resume, "disk" hibernate-resume  
> working ok.

Fundamentally, that implies a bug in the kernel for your particular hardware.
Packages like uswsusp sometimes have more success because they apply
kludges/quirks to work around the bug.   These kludges/quirks are better
handled in the kernel itself (sometimes hardware has quirks; other times it
is a software error).

Jon Dowland

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