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Suspend/Hibernate Resume in debian

Hi all,

First, I gotta say thanks for the awesome work in debian. I'm not a DD, just a long time debian user, been using it since potato era (wow, that's a long time) and I could testify that it has been a fun and joyful ride :)

I wanna help test and improve suspend-resume framework in debian, from time to time, suspend-resume has not yet been reliable enough for me.

Latest try with only pm-utils package, I can do hibernate and resume just fine, but suspend and resume does not work, suspend ok, resume fail.

With pm-utils+uswsusp, I can suspend-resume just fine, but hibernate-resume does not work, same thing, hibernate ok, resume fail, on resume I can see the progress of loading back the image data and it goes through to 100% but then it just stop there. Magic sysrq reboot worked though.

I wanna file bug, but not sure against which package and I wanna try gather more info first before I do it. Like how does it work now without hal?

My current test system is a Sony Vaio laptop, with testing/unstable/experimental repository configured (I need experimental for gnome3 packages).

Do we have a database of quirks and workarounds for suspend-resume? I've only been reading wiki.debian.org/Suspend and not sure if it's up to date (still mentioned hal) and it does not have links to such database.

Anything I could provide for more info?

Thanks for the help.

All the best.

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