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Re: OK, Re: need a server for debdelta repository

Il 03/05/2011 18:44, Stefano Zacchiroli ha scritto:
> Out of curiosity, and given http://debdelta.debian.net has been around
> for a long while now and is used (according to my exchanges with you)
> regularly, do you have a plan for integration into debian.*org* proper?
I would like to. But so far no effective plans.
> In principle, it looks like a very useful service to users than they
> should be able to enable triggering a switch into APT. Is there any
> document describing that possibility, its drawbacks, showstoppers and,
> more generally, the way forward?
I am writing documentation, it is at
http://debdelta.debian.net/html/index.html (it is still work in
progress); I just added a section 3.9 that may be of interest; I sent an
email debian-dak@l.d.o .

There will also be a session at
it is currently scheduled Tuesday, 12:00 CEST


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