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Re: Integrating aptosid?

On Tue, 03 May 2011, Alessandro Ghedini wrote:
> > Or am I missing some substantial design issue which is still lacking
> > from http://wiki.debian.org/Derivatives/Guidelines
> Sounds like the "Debian Pure Blends" [0] [1], with the difference that they
> seem to use tasks instead of metapackages if I understood it correclty. 

tasks are used to create the metapackages ;)

blends are indeed very very related indeed.  Historically though they
became of wider scope and deeper coverage, than I think many of
the derivatives, which are often just customized package selection +
design + custom installer/live-media.

So, theoretically, blends mechanism could be extended to actually
provide such customized installer + appearance.... or may be Debian
installer itself could be used out of the box to provide a selection
among blends and their tasks and even within the tasks, because some
tasks cover too much of the software instances, not reasonable to have
pre-installed them all at once.

But altogether the point is that indeed, it would be nice we somehow we
could bring derivatives communities closer to Debian so they do not
loose their originality/projects but infuse their work into Debian

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